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sealed & unopened 1977 silver jubilee playing cards

silver jubilee playing cards

A really nice pack of sealed and unopened playing cards to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 1977. They still come in their original box.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £2.00

Europe: £2.60

World: £4.00


1950's double dekko board game ( complete)

1950's double dekko board game

A rare game that i havent come across before called Double Dekko or Faimly Triplets by Ariel. Described as entertaining, exciting and Educational, the object is to collect matching pairs of cards. It is complete and in excellent condition.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £5.00

Europe: £12.25

World: £16.50


Wonderful c1940s Victory Table Tennis set (boxed)

victory table tennis set

Time to clear the dining room table for some serious family fun. This a wonderful boxed Victory Table Tennis set from the 1940/50s by G.J. Hayter of Bourenmouth. The set contains the net, brackets 4 bats and 4 original balls. Ping Pong here we come!

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £5.00

Europe: £13.50

World: £17.95


1970s Cuss 4 letter word puzzle (boxed)

cuss word game

Cuss, the 1970s 4 letter word puzzle that comes in its original box with the instructions and solutions. The set consists of 4 plastic cubes with a letter on each face. The object is to make up the name of the puzzle. I have been looking at this for ages and I can't work it out.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £4.75

Europe: £6.30

World: £10.50


Rare 1972 Ideal Battleboard board game (complete)


This look like fun. It is an 'air raising game of Strategy' called Battleboard by Ideal from 1972. The set is complete with all the parts and the instructions.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £7.00

Europe: £14.50

World: £19.00


1960's Merit Tap - it Pictures set with hammer & nails

merit tap -it pictures

i can remember this as a kid, mainly because i used the hammer for purposes other than the game. Oh how my sister suffered! Thi sis the Merit Tap =it Picture set which comes with a selction of wooden shapes, the original box of nails, some designs and the wooden hammer.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £5.00

Europe: £14.50

World: £17.50


1978 Ideal Quiz Ball family game complete

quiz ball

a versatile quiz game by Ideal for the young child or adult genius.. well thats what the lid says. The game is called Quiz Ball and dates from 1978. It looks unused.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £5.00

Europe: £12.50

World: £15.00


Classic 1970s Parker Games Striker football game boxed

striker football game
striker football game

I always thought that this was more fun than Subbuteo, especially when the goalie actually caught the ball. This classic Parker Football game is still complete with both balls and the pitch. Surpisingly all the players still have their heads. Seem to remember that they snapped off quite easily if pushed too hard.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £8.75

Europe: £21.00

World: £30.00


Early Lesney A Moko Matchbox Breakdown Truck no 13 boxed

lesney breakdown truck

A really lovely cute little Lesney A Moko ' Matchbox ' Breakdown truck , model no 13 that comes in its original box. The diddy little think is almost unmarked.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £2.25

Europe: £7.20

World: £8.95


Vintage Benbros Might Midget delivery van no 23 (boxed)

benbros van

A really cute small Benbros Mighty Midget delivery van than comes in its original box. It is model no. 23. There are a few paint chips but generally good condition. The box is complete.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £2.25

Europe: £3.50

World: £5.00

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