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original vintage ronson queen anne table lighter

ronson queen anne lighter
ronson queen anne lighterronson queen anne lighter

a lovely very collectable Ronson Queen Anne table lighter from c1950's. It has been tested and still works ( no leaks).It is stamped on the bottom V6. Heavy enough to be a doorstop!

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £5.00

Europe: £12.25

World: £14.00


original WWI Photo Moritz Von Bissing , govenor of Belgium

general von Bissing photo

An original photgraph of General Moritz- Ferdinand Freiherr von Bissing who, during WWI was govenor General of Belguim and who personally signed the death warrant for Edith Cavell.This photgraph was taken shortly before his death in 1917.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £1.75

Europe: £2.25

World: £3.50


Entertaining 1950s How To Be A Good Hostess book

how to be a good hostess
how to be a good hostess

Fantastic night time reading if you want a good laugh. This charming, if extremely dated, 48 page book with a forward by Anna Neagle is called "How To Be A Good Hostess" and has such enlightening chapters on how to do invites, cleaning your house, choosing flowers and what to wear. Oh the life of a busy housewife… so much to do for a dinner party while hubby puts his feet up. A real gem!

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £4.00

Europe: £9.70

World: £12.95


Vintage St George Enema box

enema box

Hmmmm. A vintage Ayrtons St George Enema box in good condition. Would be good for storing things in but goodness knows what?

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £2.75

Europe: £4.20

World: £6.50


Unusual 1930s German Christmas tree star decoration

german xmas star decoration

This is another unique vintage German-made Christmas tree decoration from the 1930s. This one folds out to make a star with a small bauble in the middle. Very cute.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £2.25

Europe: £3.30

World: £5.00


large ogdens red breast tobacco tin

large ogdens  red breast tobacco tin

A vintage 1lb tin forOgdens Red Breast tobacco.
Measures 6 x 5"
A few scratches but still generally very clean for its age.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £5.00

Europe: £10.50

World: £12.75


Original vintage cast metal large animal trap (for decoration)

large animal trap

A truly gruesome orginal vintage cast metal medium size animal trap that has been decommissioned and is being sold as an interesting decorative item, maybe to hang on a wall in a country kitchen etc.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £4.75

Europe: £12.50

World: £17.00


vintage hornby tin plate oo gauge station waiting room

vintage hornby tin plate oo gauge station waiting room
vintage hornby tin plate oo gauge station waiting room

A scarce vintage tin plate oo gauge passenger shelter / waiting room by Hornby .
It is about 10" long.
Its been in an attic for over 30 years so needs a good clean.
Some blemishes and scuffs.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £5.00

Europe: £11.50

World: £13.75


Rare early Rountree's Grace Darling chocolate tin

rountree grace darling
rountree grace darling

A wonderful very early Rountree's chocolate tin dedicated to Grace Darling, the heroine who rowed with her father to rescue survivors from the SS. Forfarshire which foundered in 1838. This lovely rare tin has a portrait of her in the middle, with with 2 scenes depicting her in the boat on either side. There are a few minor chips and scratches but generally very good.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £3.75

Europe: £10.00

World: £13.00


Delightful scratch built wooden toy sweet shop counter + packets

sweet shop
sweet shopsweet shop

A delightful scratch built wooden sweet shop counter with original vintage labels stuck to it and loads of tiny packets, tins and jars along with a set of tin scales. The packaging dates from the 1950's and was obviously built by a doting Dad for his little girl to play with. I hope she appreciated his efforts. The counter could do with a revarnish.
Width : 18"
Height: 10"
Deapth: 9"

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £7.75

Europe: £18.00

World: £25.00

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