Condition: Excellent

Original WWII German Faithfull Service White Cross + ribbon

wwII german faithfull service cross
wwII german faithfull service cross

An original WWII German Faithfull Service Cross in white with the ribbon and clasp. On the rear is printed Fur Treue Dienfte. A good clean example

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £1.75

Europe: £6.20

World: £7.50


original vintage ronson queen anne table lighter

ronson queen anne lighter
ronson queen anne lighterronson queen anne lighter

a lovely very collectable Ronson Queen Anne table lighter from c1950's. It has been tested and still works ( no leaks).It is stamped on the bottom V6. Heavy enough to be a doorstop!

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £5.00

Europe: £12.25

World: £14.00


Rare 1960's Rupert the Bear wooden Pelham Puppet ( boxed)

pelham rupert the bear puppet

a delightful 1960's Rupert the bear standard woodn puppet by Pelham of Marlborough. It comes in its original box. The Daily Express cartoon figure can now be brought to life.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £4.25

Europe: £11.20

World: £14.70


1970s Follow Me game (boxed)

follow me

A lovely example of the Guardsman games Follow Me Game. The aim is to follow the same face or colour and the first out wins. The set is complete with the full instructions.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £5.00

Europe: £9.50

World: £11.75


1970's Codeg tracing slate picture set boxed

codeg tracing slate

a lovely late 1960's early 1970's Codeg draw a picture tracing slate that comes in itys original box. The set contains the wooden frame, glass plate and a large selection of childrens pictures to copy. " Ideal for the young artist". Still in great condition.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £5.00

Europe: £10.30

World: £13.50


1970s Cuss 4 letter word puzzle (boxed)

cuss word game

Cuss, the 1970s 4 letter word puzzle that comes in its original box with the instructions and solutions. The set consists of 4 plastic cubes with a letter on each face. The object is to make up the name of the puzzle. I have been looking at this for ages and I can't work it out.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £4.75

Europe: £6.30

World: £10.50


Rare 1972 Ideal Battleboard board game (complete)


This look like fun. It is an 'air raising game of Strategy' called Battleboard by Ideal from 1972. The set is complete with all the parts and the instructions.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £7.00

Europe: £14.50

World: £19.00


Unusual 1930s German Christmas tree star decoration

german xmas star decoration

This is another unique vintage German-made Christmas tree decoration from the 1930s. This one folds out to make a star with a small bauble in the middle. Very cute.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £2.25

Europe: £3.30

World: £5.00


Large 1960's Pelham Giant Puppet, boxed

pelham giant

Another classic wooden Pelham Standard Puppet. This one is the giant. His strings need untangling, otherwise, in tip top condition. The box is dated 1963

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £5.00

Europe: £13.50

World: £17.75


modern airfix 1/32 ww11 British paratroopers boxed

modern airfix 1/32 ww11 British paratroopers boxed

A set of 14 Airfix WW11 British Paratroopers.
Scale 1/32
In excellent condition with the original box

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £5.00

Europe: £10.50

World: £12.75

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