Condition: Excellent

Early Lesney A Moko Matchbox Breakdown Truck no 13 boxed

lesney breakdown truck

A really lovely cute little Lesney A Moko ' Matchbox ' Breakdown truck , model no 13 that comes in its original box. The diddy little think is almost unmarked.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £2.25

Europe: £7.20

World: £8.95


Original pre-war Disney Mickey Mouse soap boxed

mickey mouse soap

So how do you fancy washing with mice? Here is your chance but with a very special mouse. This one is an original Cussons Walt Disney Mickey Mouse that comes in its original box. It is unused.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £2.75

Europe: £4.50

World: £6.95


Original WWI Porcelain Allies ashtray

wwI ashtray

A lovely WWI ashtray with the logo 'United We Stand' The Allies and with 6 flags. Metal with a porcelain base.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £2.00

Europe: £6.70

World: £7.95


c1930s Large Woodbine Cigarette shop canvas banner

woodbine banner

A fabulous c1930s large canvas shop advertising banner for Woodbine cigarettes.
length: 68"
Height : 47"

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £6.75

Europe: £16.00

World: £19.50


c1930s Bristol Cigarette enamel shop sign

bristol cigarette sign

Vintage enamel shop sign for Bristol Cigarettes. The sign has a 1" lip around it so it can be mounted on a piece of wood with having to drill through the face.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £6.75

Europe: £56.00

World: £68.00


Superb original WWII 1942 US Navy Inflatable belt – unused


This is a superb unused WWII US Navy canvas inflatable belt with brass fitting and attached hoses. It is stamped October 27th 1942, Cont no W964TS9 Durkee, Atwood MPLS. The brass fittings are stamped USN.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £4.75

Europe: £12.00

World: £16.00


Rare WWII ARP Household First Aid Kit (complete)

wwII ARP 1st aid kit
wwII ARP 1st aid kitwwII ARP 1st aid kit

This is a wonderful complete WWII ARP no. 4 Householder's First Aid Kit, sufficent for a family of 6 or 7. None of the contents have been opened or used. This really should be in a museum.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £3.75

Europe: £10.00

World: £13.00


1972 Leather Desktop Playboy Calender


An original unused leather Playboy free standing desktop calender with 12 delightful ladies, one for every month of that year.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £2.75

Europe: £6.00

World: £10.00

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