Condition: Mint

sealed & unopened 1977 silver jubilee playing cards

silver jubilee playing cards

A really nice pack of sealed and unopened playing cards to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 1977. They still come in their original box.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £2.00

Europe: £2.60

World: £4.00


super EFE 1:76 Grenadier Coach Premier Travel ( boxed)

efe grenadier coach

A lovely scale 1:76 diecast EFE Grenadier Coach for Premier Travel that comes in its original box. This item does not have a model number but the destination is for Birmingham.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £4.00

Europe: £9.25

World: £10.50


1972 Waddington's Speculate share dealing game (complete)

waddingtons speculate

how to lose all your money and keep your shirt. Practice playing the stock market without parting with any hard cash. This is the Waddington's Speculate game which is based on small investors trying to increase the value of their stock. The aim.. to avoid bankruptcy. The set is complete with the shave value calculaters and the market price indicators as well as the rules in both English and French. For 2-5 players.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £5.00

Europe: £12.25

World: £16.50


Fantastic vintage Britains diecast Shepherd set no. 5018 (boxed)

britians shepherd set

This is so delighful. An original and rare vintage boxed Brittains Shepherd set consisting of the Shepherd, 2 lambs, 2 sheep and the trusty sheepdog. It is model no 5018 and is from the Farm Series. It was found in the back of an old toy shop and is in remarkable condition for its age.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £2.25

Europe: £7.25

World: £9.00


1969 Airfix Pin Head Game unused

1969 Airfix Pin Head Game unused

This is a superb ex shop stock unused Airfix Pin Head game. It has never been used and comes with all the marbles and full instructions.

Shipping Costs:

UK Recorded: £5.75

Europe: £14.00

World: £19.00

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